We specialise in stainless and acrylic labels for
electrical, mining and construction industries.

Signs Stickers and More

Polyvinyl Overlay Signs and Stickers

Overlay Signs and Stickers, are produced from an industrial grade polyvinyl.

Overlay Signs and Stickers are custom made to your specific requirements per order.

Individual Overlay Signs have a clear UV coating for external use which is applied to a backing of choice; Stainless Steel, Aluminium Composite or Poly.

Stickers are ONLY recommended for internal use and DO NOT have the UV coating.

Engraving Electronic Plates

Light Switch Plates and Aluminium Legend Plates supplied by the client are easily engraved with your specific details. Alternatively, Acrylic Legend Plates can be custom made by Laserit.


About Us

Since 2005 Laserit has been a family owned business, producing quality products for industry; specialising in laser etching/marking on Stainless Steel and Acrylic (Traffolyte) labels.